[chuck-users] Is this possible?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Feb 13 14:41:05 EST 2006

Perry, I, and others have thought about alternatives for alleviating
this chuckian "non-halting" problem where infinite loops that do not
advance time can "seizes" the machine on some platforms, due to the
priority boost on the audio.  One thing we have going for us is that we
don't need necessarily need to detect infinite loops, we just need to
determine (at runtime) when some shred has been executing for "way
too long", in which case a counter-measure can be activated (such as
lower the priority and allow the operating system to breathe).  A
watch-dog mechanism for monitoring audio underflow and adaptively
changing the priority may be a reliable way to address this.

This is pretty important and is high priority on the TODO list.


On Feb 13, 2006, at 1:59 PM, Perry R Cook wrote:

> From the famous halting problem, no compiler
> or any program can detect an infinite loop.
> Thus we can't detect infinite loops that do
> or do not advancce time.
> On Mon, 13 Feb 2006, Mike McGonagle wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> As ChucK is intended to be an "on the fly" tool for sound generation,
>> I was wondering if it would be possible if the compiler could detect
>> infinite loops that DO NOT advance time. I am thinking about this more
>> from a practical stand point that when some new code is being added to
>> ChucK, if a loop is entered that does not advance time, nor yeild
>> control to another thread, it will SEIZE the machine, with the only
>> recourse is rebooting.
>> While this is practical, I know that it would be one of those feature
>> requests that would be low priority. I only make the recommendation
>> because over the weekend, I was playing with ChucK and ran accross
>> this very problem. I would think that in performance, it would not
>> really be practical to have to reboot. At the same time, I wonder how
>> many performances would rely on entering raw code, instead of loading
>> files.
>> Thanks,
>> Mike
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