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Charlls Quarra charlls_quarra at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Feb 14 20:34:35 EST 2006

 I wanted to comment about things that i don't find yet on chuck which i would prioritize; please, take this freely as some brainstorming from a guy that has been using SuperCollider3 for some time and finds appealing the sample-accurate emphasis in Chuck.
 * ugen/plugin infrastructure; what headers you include? what classes you inherit?
 *block processing; i find amazing the feeling of putting your code directly into the sample stream, but i realize that it comes with a price; but before talking about block processing i wanted to ask first about;
   *** how much multithread-eable could be chuck; in other words, how possible is to implement shreds in a true multithreaded mode where each shred can run in a different core, but keeping the sample-synchronous approach? 
  i imagine one could relax that to a "block-synchronous" multi-shreding. Currently one could have a chuck instance per core and pipe outs and in thru jack, but this would fix the block frame size to whatever jack is set to.
 * dynamic allocation of resources; of course, this could be implemented on top of the language; for example, creating a fixed number of audio buffers and calling .read as a score progresses a number of times in the same sndbuf object would (i imagine) free the previous allocated buffer and alloc for the new one.
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