[chuck-users] chuck miscellaneous issues:

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Wed Feb 15 18:50:31 EST 2006

Chuck is awesome, but here are some things that are weird,
or suggestions, or even just idle questions:

0. ChucK is fun and awesome.

1. ChucK performance

ChucK hiccups from time to time, and this has been mentioned on lists.
But where are the main inefficiencies? How could hiccups be avoided?

2. Local class library

It would be nice to automatically load local utility classes.

3. Globals?

Given the ire surrounding them, this is more a question rather than a
suggestion. It seems very natural for syncronized music-processes to want
to share data, and static class data seems like a heavyweight (in terms of
lines of code and syntax) way of doing this, (esp. given you can't
currently redefine or reevaluate classes). But do we want global
variables and refs, or will that just make things messier?

Or is there some novel abstraction for sharing data that will work better
in this domain?

4. Reevaluating Classes

Discussed above.



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