[chuck-users] Re: chuck-users Digest, Vol 7, Issue 11

Scot Gresham-Lancaster scotgl at comcast.net
Fri Feb 17 14:26:21 EST 2006

This feels like a real simple problem, but I can not suss it out.

In the chuck archive:
> Julian Sorrel tacitdynamite at yahoo.com Wed Jan 25 17:05:25 EST  
> 2006 wrote:
> > chuck D:\Chuck\examples\otf_06.ck
>      (using otf_06.ck here because it doesn't require external sound
> files)
>   this works fine - I hear Chuck playing the file.  When I try
>   chuck D:\Chuck\examples\otf_07.ck
>     the result is
>   [chuck](via sndbuf): cannot stat file 'data/snare.wav' ...
>   even though, again, that file can be found in "dir  D:\Chuck 
> \examples\data" ...

This was on an XP machine, but I am getting the same result on my mac  
and linux boxes. If I put in the full path these sndbuf objects  
function fine, but if I  use a relative address such as "../data/ 
foo.wav" I get the "cannot stat file 'data/foo.wav'  What is the  
obvious error that I am making?

Also, stat? Is that supposed to be start?


Scot Gresham-Lancaster
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