[chuck-users] Re: chuck-users Digest, Vol 7, Issue 11

Kassen Oud kassen at kassen.mine.nu
Fri Feb 17 14:29:38 EST 2006

Scot Gresham-Lancaster;

> This was on an XP machine, but I am getting the same result on my mac  
and linux boxes. If I put in the full path these sndbuf objects  
function fine, but if I  use a relative address such as "../data/ 
foo.wav" I get the "cannot stat file 'data/foo.wav'  What is the  
obvious error that I am making?

I think the file-names are relative but it seems to me that they aren't relative to the dir where the file that calls them is in; I think they are relative to the dir where ChucK was called from which may be another location entirely.

I'd be in favour of switching that around if at all possible.

Hope that at least explains?

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