[chuck-users] benchmarking chuck

Graham Percival gpermus at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 23:18:54 EST 2006

Hi guys,

I've discovered that I can only get 47 sine waves on my system (1 ghz 
G4 powerbook, 512 megs ram, OSX 10.3.9).  I'm curious how other systems 
compare -- particularly on linux.  If chuck works much better on linux, 
I may switch back to it...

Here's the code.  I ran it twice (in case there was any caching issue) 
and listened to the sound.  With 48 waves, I could hear crackling; with 
50 waves, it was unrecognizable.

- Graham

48=>int NUMSINS;
sinosc s[NUMSINS];
for (0=>int i; i<s.cap();i++) {
//      s[i] => blackhole;
         s[i] => dac;
         440 => s[i].freq;
         0.01 => s[i].gain;

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