[chuck-users] benchmarking chuck

Graham Percival gpermus at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 01:08:00 EST 2006

On 18-Feb-06, at 9:35 PM, Ge Wang wrote:

>> I've discovered that I can only get 47 sine waves on my system (1 ghz 
>> G4 powerbook, 512 megs ram, OSX 10.3.9).  I'm curious how other 
>> systems compare -- particularly on linux.  If chuck works much better 
>> on linux, I may switch back to it...
> Quick followup:
> On my system (1 ghz G4 powerbook, 512 megs ram, 10.3.9),
> I got up to 62 sine waves without crackles.  You might want to
> make sure that "processor performance" is "highest" under
> System Preferences -> Energy Saver | Options.

Wow, you're right!  Mine was set to "automatic".  I now get the same 
results as you do.

I am utterly shocked that OSX's power saving options are that 
inefficient.  Surely if the OS detects that there's high CPU use, it 
should kick in to "highest" and leave it there for a while, right?  62 
-> 48 is a pretty significant gap in performance.

> (apologies again for the awful performance)

No need; sorry if my initial email seemed a bit harsh.  I'm very 
adverse to criticizing open-source projects -- I mean, I haven't paid 
anything for it, it's a free -- and even better than that, it's Free 
(speech).  It's true that I'm a little disappointed, but that's just 
because I'm so excited to have an audio programming language.  I mean, 
a _real_, text-based, language.  I hate having to use a mouse, so pd or 
Max/MSP is a non-starter for me.  If ChucK wasn't so awesome, I 
wouldn't be raising this question.  :)

- Graham

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