[chuck-users] Joysticks anyone?

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 19 21:17:22 EST 2006

Sad news, my friend.

It isn't there yet, but it is coming. I use the P5 virtual glove with  
ChucK and everything is just peachy, but you have to grab the input  
from another program. The open source way to do it is to use PD and  
grab the HID object (I forget who wrote it, it isn't part of the  
vanilla install). You can then send OSC from PD to ChucK. Not pretty  
but it works.

I have discussed with Ge about putting this functionality. We are  
looking for good cross platform HID libraries. GLUT is no good  
because you need window focus. Any suggestions? This feature was  
promised with the famous screenshot... (sorry to bring that up again)

Take care.


On 19-Feb-06, at 5:50 PM, Jim Hinds wrote:

> I was caught bragging to my peers (all of them) about how cool  
> chuck is to do performance and real-time good stuff.  One asked me  
> about joystick interfaces into chuck and I blanked out.  I didn't  
> have an answer -- I should have.
> So, does anybody know how to read a joystick and get the info into  
> (or through) chuck?  Even a Rube Goldberg approach might help me   
> here, although extra credit is given for simplicity and elegance.
> If the answer only worked on the Mac OS X implementation, that  
> would be just fine.
> Jim
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