[chuck-users] Joysticks anyone?

Tyler Gillies tyler at gilliesfamily.org
Mon Feb 20 00:33:54 EST 2006


I've been using joysticks to control Chuck through Open Sound Control 
messages for a few months now, and I've been happy with the results. I 
wrote a short joystick->OSC program using CNMAT 's libOSC ( 
http://www.cnmat.berkeley.edu/OpenSoundControl/ ) and the joystick 
wrapper library ( http://wolfpack.twu.net/libjsw/ ). I'm a novice C 
programmer, and, thanks to the examples included with libOSC and 
libjsw, I was able to hack together a working program much more quickly 
than I had expected.  Though the libjsw homepage mentions support on 
all platforms, I never was able to use it with Mac OS X. Sucks! If you 
wanna see my geeky joystick video, its at:

- Tyler Gillies

On Feb 19, 2006, at 10:50 PM, Jim Hinds wrote:

> I was caught bragging to my peers (all of them) about how cool chuck 
> is to do performance and real-time good stuff.  One asked me about 
> joystick interfaces into chuck and I blanked out.  I didn't have an 
> answer -- I should have.
> So, does anybody know how to read a joystick and get the info into (or 
> through) chuck?  Even a Rube Goldberg approach might help me  here, 
> although extra credit is given for simplicity and elegance.
> If the answer only worked on the Mac OS X implementation, that would 
> be just fine.
> Jim
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