[chuck-users] more recent version of chuck-mode.el

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 27 01:13:17 EST 2006


Thanks for this. Can we post it on the wiki?

Also, can the author of the vim mode please stand up? I would like to  
see that on the wiki too.

Thanks again.


On 26-Feb-06, at 9:49 PM, Graham Coleman wrote:

> Chuck fans of the kitchen sink editor,
> I found an older copy of the ChucK emacs mode, but was
> getting errors with the execution stuff on emacs 21.3.
> The arguments to "call-process" weren't what my version of
> emacs expected, so I made some minor changes to make stuff
> work.
> I also added a menu item for "--removeall" and some irreverent
> code comments.
> a working copy may be found here:
> http://ravelite.org/code/chuck/chuck-mode.el
> hope it is useful,
> Graham
> <chuck-mode.el>
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