[chuck-users] string handling

tim perkis t at perkis.com
Mon Feb 27 03:15:44 EST 2006

hi -- please excuse me if I've missed something discussed here previously,
or missing something obvious in chuck at present... but I don't see support
for any sort of basic string manipulation. -- is that the case?

I understand this is reasonably a low priority in a language for processing
sound! -- but it would be nice to have some 
way to compose strings, perhaps for use in loading/saving text parameter
files, or computing strings to be passed to a SYSTEM call...
something like an sprintf call? or javascript/python style concatenation
operators? like
'There are ' + n_shreds + 'shreds running.' =>  str;

Pardon me if I'm overlooking something already implemented in the
language... I'm a newbie


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