[chuck-users] file open semantics for clustered chuck

Jim Hinds jahbini at romantictrances.com
Mon Feb 27 13:30:11 EST 2006

Since an important usage mode for chuck is analogous to a server for  
multiple performers, I'd like to suggest that the file open semantics  
be extended.

When a chuck script is submitted from a performers host to a remotely  
running chuck server, that script may open files, which must reside  
on the server file system, not the submitters host.  This means that  
wave files, or other data must be first copied into the server, or  
otherwise exported.

By simply extending the semantics for Chuck's "open" from expecting a  
file name, I suggest that it be a URL instead.  If the filename  
starts with http:// or ftp:// or other legal prefix, give the URL to  
a curl library for access.

For this to work, the performer's system need only have an httpd or  
ftpd or ssh deamon running locally to give the remote chuck access to  
those needed files.

As a side effect, the files need only be present "somewhere" out  
there in cluster land.  The URL will rule.

Jim Hinds 

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