[chuck-users] string handling

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Feb 27 22:23:10 EST 2006

Hi Tim!

> hi -- please excuse me if I've missed something discussed here 
> previously,
> or missing something obvious in chuck at present... but I don't see 
> support
> for any sort of basic string manipulation. -- is that the case?

You are right - this is indeed the case.  String manipulation is 
currently not
implemented, but is totally on the TODO list.  We definitely want 
flexible and
comprehensive support for string manipulation.  Some of us (Martin 
and I) have been looking into it.

We shall priority boost this, and hopefully basic functionality will 
emerge soon.
(We have been wanting this for a while too.)  Stay tuned.  Thanks!

Best wishes,

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