[chuck-users] file open semantics for clustered chuck

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Feb 27 23:17:59 EST 2006


> Since an important usage mode for chuck is analogous to a server for 
> multiple performers, I'd like to suggest that the file open semantics 
> be extended.

Great idea, though there are certainly more issue to consider for 
remote operations, since they often aren't always as transparent as 
their interface advertises.  For example, network timeouts when 
retrieving a file need to handled.  Actually this seems to be part of a 
similar problem of pre-loading/chunking sound files to avoid 
interruption on large sound files.  So, we should probably add some 
options to control load behavior.

> By simply extending the semantics for Chuck's "open" from expecting a 
> file name, I suggest that it be a URL instead.  If the filename starts 
> with http:// or ftp:// or other legal prefix, give the URL to a curl 
> library for access.

Cool.  The .open function already examines the path to catch "special" 
internal data (i.e. "special:glot_pop").  It would make sense to extend 
that to URL.  We just need to find a way to semi-gracefully deal with 
potential network timeout and lag.

Thanks.  We shall look into this.


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