[chuck-users] question about input detector from adc (MIC)

Kassen kassen at kassen.mine.nu
Tue Jan 3 02:49:55 EST 2006

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From: Ge Wang <gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU>

> adc => gain g => blackhole;
> float x;
> while( true )
> {
>      g.last() => x;
>      if( std.fabs(x) >= .95 )
>          <<< x, "" >>>;
>      1::samp => now;
> }
> The above code advances time in 1::samp (duration of 1 sample) 
> increments - you might try different values to see the results.

I tried something like this technique too. Not with the ADC, mind you, but with printing
44 thousand lines to the monitor a second. It would be interesting to see wether the
resulting noise could be modulated by adapting the refreshrate of this monitor but on my
Windows laptop things got so hard to controll at that point that I didn't particularly
feel like doing that at that time.

It might be a interesting technique to do modulated with some time-based condition
instead of "true", for example as a break or right before using machine.crash() but I
don't think it's well suited as a lead instrument.



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