[chuck-users] Is there plans for something like "include"

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jan 5 14:57:08 EST 2006

> Is it possible to have a class in one file that extends another class
> from another file? Basically, I would like to put the base class for
> my fractal generators (I decided to go this route, even though the
> generated data stream is different from the original C generated data)
> into one file, while the actual fractal classes would extend the base
> class in another file.

Yes it is possible.  The parent class can be defined in its own file. 
After the file is compiled and run, the class should be available for
subsequent programs to inherit/instantiate/use, as if the class were 
defined in the same file.  Let us know if you run into issues doing


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