[chuck-users] Question about Gain and instantiating objects

Graham Percival gpermus at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 18:48:45 EST 2006

On 13-Jan-06, at 11:33 AM, Mike McGonagle wrote:

>> chuck sinegrain sgtest1 rec-auto

I've found that recording things in chuck is quite expensive 
(computationally), so I would first try it without recording.  And I 
certainly wouldn't have four different recordings going on at once; 
I've find some way to only have one thread recording everything.

> I did this in Pure Data, but I had to create it in such a way that
> there were already all the generators instantiated, so if there ever
> occured a moment where one more generator was needed that created, it
> would "steal" a generator. This occasionally produced some clicks in
> the resulting sound.

I did a similar thing (in chuck) using fifteen generators.  In my case 
I had new generators wait until one was free, instead of stealing it... 
but you can avoid the clicks if you can give the generator a few ms 
notice before stealing it.  When you notify a generator, have it do a 
fade-out, then start the new info.

> Will I need to create an "array" of my objects, creating all the
> instances that I may need? Or should I be able to create an object,
> call its function, and call its function by sporking it, and then
> instatiate a new object using the same object reference?

sporking is relatively expensive.  When I tried to do my project (with, I believe), I ran out of CPU when I have five generators 
going.  With an array of objects (using whatever I wanted up to the 
array size), I could do something like fifteen or eighteen generators.

Since chuck is so new, it's not very optimized.

- Graham Percival

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