[chuck-users] Is there any "Community" repositories yet?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Fri Jan 20 15:26:12 EST 2006


> And when I get to the upload page, it says that it is disabled.

I think the wiki upload page has always been disabled, but this
may change soon with the upcoming reinstall (see below).

> I don't think it is a "probably", it has to be fixed, as the things
> that are posted there are nothing but gibberish.

As Adam mentioned, we are working with our systems staff to improve the 
wiki.  Most likely a new version will be installed, and we will manually 
migrate the existing content to the new one, and doing house cleaning in 
the process.  Also, new security policies will be in place to deter 

The gibberish is caused by incorrect wiki rendering of the HTML <pre> 
tag.  Pages that insert blank spaces before lines of code will show up 
correctly, such as here:


In the meantime, if you you can hit 'edit' to look at code that has been 
transformed into gibberish.

> Are there any restrictions as to who can access and update things? I 
> would be more than happy to help out in getting some things fixed and 
> additional things added. Do they have a policy about non-students 
> getting access?

I think the wiki will always be world-writable.  In the upcoming wiki, 
you will have to register on the wiki to be able to edit pages (one 
attempt to reduce spam).  We look forward to forging the wiki back into 
shape.  Thanks!


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