[chuck-users] about "dac/adc" to control input/out??

Lewis Liu jcliu at contrel.com.tw
Mon Jan 23 02:16:22 EST 2006

Dear Sir,

In my PC, there are two audio interface.
One is the default in motehr board (SoundMax).
Another is USB dungo.
I can use --dacx and --adcx to force the audio input and ouput in SoundMax.
But I can not use --dacx or --adcx to force the input in USB dungo.
I do not know what is wrong.
The codes are as follows:
 adc => gain g => blackhole;
float x;
while( true )
     g.last() => x;
     if( std.fabs(x) >= .05 ){

              <<< x, "hello" >>>; 
     1::samp => now;

Best Regards
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