[chuck-users] Question about Networking

Mike McGonagle mjmogo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 23 15:50:21 EST 2006

I was working on some code in ChucK, and was thinking that it would be
nice to be able to use an interface that I already have created using
Pure Data. But, in order to do this, there would have to be something
available that would be similar to either a MIDI event, or the like.

Am I correct in understand that the "netin" and "netout" Unit
Generators are specifically for transfering audio over the network?
Are there any plans to create such an Event class? I would think
something like this couldn't be written in ChucK, as there would need
to be some sort of networking primitive to handle the connections and
data transfer. How does Audicle connect up to ChucK? Is that purely
through a commandline, with Audicle sending other commandline messages
to a running "ChucK"?



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