[chuck-users] winxp ChucK setup

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jan 24 22:22:22 EST 2006

Hi Julian!

>  This includes %\System32, so Chuck should be in the system path, I 
> believe.  My Chuck folder with bin, examples, and doc are all located 
> in D:\Chuck.  I use the start -> run -> cmd shell.  When I enter 
> "chuck --help" it loads all the chuck info, so I believe it's running 
> fine.  When I prompt to D:\Chuck\examples and enter "chuck otf_07.ck" 
> or "chuck otf_07" though, it gives me "[otf_07(or.ck)]: no such file 
> or directory."

This sounds like chuck is installed correctly, but it somehow cannot 
find the program to load.

For our sanity, what is the output of:

     > dir otf_07.ck
     (in D:\Chuck\examples)

Also, as an experiment, let's try using absolute path:

     > chuck D:\Chuck\examples\otf_06.ck
     (using otf_06.ck here because it doesn't require external sound 

Let us know how this goes.



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