[chuck-users] winxp ChucK setup

Julian Sorrel tacitdynamite at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 25 17:05:25 EST 2006

Thanks for your help again; 
       > dir otf_07.ck
     (in D:\Chuck\examples)
  "Volume in drive D has no label.
  Volume Serial Number is xxxx*xxxx
  Directory of D:\Chuck\examples
  1 File(s)
  0 Dir(s)"
  So strangely, none of the .ck documents are considered files - even  though "dir D:\Chuck\examples\" produces a list of everything in the  folder, including the .ck files.
  Also, as an experiment, let's try using absolute path:

     > chuck D:\Chuck\examples\otf_06.ck
     (using otf_06.ck here because it doesn't require external sound 
  this works fine - I hear Chuck playing the file.  When I try 
  chuck D:\Chuck\examples\otf_07.ck
    the result is
  [chuck](via sndbuf): cannot stat file 'data/snare.wav' ... 
  even though, again, that file can be found in "dir  D:\Chuck\examples\data" ... and, again, *not* able to be found when  trying to dir that specific file.  
  Any ideas?
  I'll mess around with trying to get other examples to work, now that I  know the command syntax includes "chuck [whole filename]."  Thanks!
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