[chuck-users] sndbuf questions, etc.

eric.forte at verizon.net eric.forte at verizon.net
Thu Jan 26 22:24:12 EST 2006

Hi all.  Is there a way to make a table lookup oscillator with ChucK?  I'm 
trying to load in soundfiles to be used as waveforms so that I can index 
them directly.  I've worked through allocating an array and loading it 
with the samples of a file, but there doesn't seem to be a way that you 
can actually put them out to the dac again.

Then I tried to do some other tests where I just read the file into an 
array outside of a function (since that seemed a bit more chuckian), then 
sporked a bunch of shreds, but it seems that when you change the position 
of the buffer from inside a function, it seems to affect the position in 
the other shreds.  The last test I did, I had the file read in inside of 
the function and that seemed to work well, but quickly seemed to slow 
everything down.

Any input is appreciated.

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