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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 05:38:54 EDT 2006

Adam Tindale wrote:

> There are a few examples of filtering that come with ChucK. The best  
> ones are wind.ck and wind2.ck, as well as powerup.ck.

I did have a look, and found that something like this gives a decent 
resonant low-pass filter:

triosc tri => ADSR env => TwoPole filter => dac;
sqrosc sqr => env;
1 => filter.norm;
1500 => filter.freq;
.97=> filter.radius;

Seems that the radius is "filter strength", setting it to 0 and the 
filter just passes the signal through. However I still need to be able 
to get rid of the resonance. And a high-pass version would be nice too.

Could someone explain that the coefficients mean? (or link to some 
material that explains it)...

> To understand what is going on you will have to look at STK and/or  
> Perry Cook's book Real Sound Synthesis.

Yeah, that looks like a nice book, might pick it up. I imagine a lot of 
future users being just as ignorant as me about filer coefficients and 
the like. So may I propose that a couple of simple to use analog style 
filters is added to chuck + a bit of explanation about using the current 
  filters + links (if possible) to background material.

> As for using other oscillators, in the manual there is a tutorial on  
> extending basic patches that (I think) covers this topic. 

Well as I said I know how to use those. The two pages (24 + 25) of 
"Modifying Basic Patches" is not really that deep. Maybe I wasn't being 
clear, but I was more hoping for a few classic subtractive examples. You 
know like a pad, a moog style bass and a brass sound. With such a few 
examples I imagine most users familiar with subtractive synthesis would 
be able to more or less take it from there...

> I hope this helps.

A bit...

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