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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 22:03:02 EDT 2006

Kassen wrote:

> The problem is
> that fimding what numbers represent the exact filter you need is quite
> hard and not so much fun to go do manually.

Tell me about it :-)

> I wanted to have a good look at how ChucK implements this and actually
> started reading on DSP but then I saw that there is a plan to clean up
> how these work in a future version. This made me wait for this
> cleaning, I'd sugest you do the same.

Very, very good suggestion!

> What would be nice would be
> something like "how to deal with filters in ChucK without going insane
> over 1000 page tomes that asume you want to design a mobile phone".


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