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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 22:48:49 EDT 2006

Perry R Cook wrote:

> Nope, if you use 1=> filt.eqzs, it
> keeps the gain pretty much tame at
> any frequency.  No explanation as to
> why here (that's a course worth of
> stuff).  Look upon it as magic :-)

I will...

However: I didn't use 1=> filt.eqzs because I couldn't make it do 
nothing. Now I found that it must be set *after* the other values are 
updated (for a nice heavy metal guitar sound, try putting it before the 
updates). Is that a bug or a feature?

With eqzs (partly) working, I suddenly saw a pattern. I might not be 
supposed to do this, but these simple relationships could (however 
inconvenient) be updated along side a filter frequency during a sweep...

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