[chuck-users] [chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port 8888...

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at princeton.edu
Fri Jul 7 15:43:07 EDT 2006

did you ever get this resolved?  chuck uses port 8888 by default to  
communicate on-the-fly programming commands between "client" chuck  
commands and the central chuck vm.  its not absolutely necessary  
unless you want to do on-the-fly stuff, which can be pretty useful.

if youre still having trouble, it could be because you have another  
service using port 8888, or you have a software firewall enabled, or  
something else.  Does anything print when you do
netstat -an | grep 8888


On Jun 30, 2006, at 4:03 PM, Jochen Hartmann wrote:

> linx at linx:/usr/bin/chuck/src$ ./chuck test.ck
> [chuck]: cannot bind to tcp port 8888...
> the above is what happened when i tried to run chuck on ubuntu 6.06.
> any advice would really be appreciated. i am not super well-versed
> with linux so i might be doing something wrong...
> thanks for the help !!!
> - jochen
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