[chuck-users] MIDI port aliases

Bruce Murphy pack-chucklist at rattus.net
Mon Jul 10 12:16:22 EDT 2006

On Tue, Jun 27, 2006 at 05:39:03PM -0400, Ge Wang wrote:
> Hi Bruce!
> Named MIDI device discovery seemed like a good idea, especially
> since device numbers are not static.  We will put this on the TODO
> list for a few releases down the line, alone with virtual MIDI devices.

I just finished the code to make the CoreMIDI PortName functions report
a sensible human-readable name (very important if you have multiple
MIDI Interfaces, particularly duplicate models). It also substitutes
the name of any connected devices (note double on port 0)

[chuck]: ------( chuck -- 37 MIDI outputs )-----
[chuck]:     [0] : "Karma, K5000R"
[chuck]:     [1] : "DX7-II"
[chuck]:     [2] : "MS-2000B"
[chuck]:     [3] : "Micro Lite Port 4"
[chuck]:     [4] : "Micro Lite Port 5"

Now what do I do with this patch? :) I mostly ask because the dev
list seems mostly people trying to get a clean compile on win32, rather
that suggested changes of late.

Packrat (BSc/BE;COSO;Wombat Implementor)
Nihil illegitemi carbovndvm

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