[chuck-users] chuck manual errata

Adam Tindale adamtindale at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 10 13:20:41 EDT 2006


This brings up a good point. The manual should be released under the  
GNU documentation license which would allow you to do what you are  
doing with no problem.

Please let the man page out in the wild or publish on the wiki and we  
can all hack on it until we are happy. With most of these projects it  
just needs someone to get it started.

Sorry for the late reply.


On 7-Jul-06, at 12:12 PM, eduard aylon wrote:

> Hi Adam and others,
> In the Chuck Compiler and Virtual Machine chapter there is another
> error.
> In the manual it says that --chan(N) is a command line option but
> should be --channels(N)
> By the way, at the moment I am writing a Chuck (terminal) manpage for
> my own use (maybe to be published if it's worth ). Is there anyone
> working on this? and Adam, am I allowed to copy+paste from the Chuck
> Manual?
> Cheers,
> Eduard
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