[chuck-users] machine.add issue

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jul 10 22:04:50 EDT 2006

>>> To manually workaround the disconnect/CPU issue in,
>>> disconnect the patch before leaving the function:
>>>      s =< env =< dac;
>> Am I right that "env =< dac" would effectively stop the patch from
>> calculating? So the extra disconnect is for the garbage collection to
>> also grab s, right?
> Garbage collection in ChucK is achieved with Control-C :) This is a
> future consideration. If you are doing long shows with ChucK it is
> good to shut it down and restart it a few times if you are loading in
> lots of UGens. In the 1.5 hour show I normally do I restart ChucK in
> 6 places to make sure it doesn't blow up.

ugenA =< ugenB would effectively disconnect ugenA and ugenB, and
if neither is ultimately connected to dac (or blackhole), then they 
compute when audio is generated.  Currently, however, they are not
garbage collected.

Garbage collection has recently been elevated from "future 
to "current consideration".  Actually, much has long been considered and
even implemented, though some crucial components still need work.  We
very much hope to have it working soon.  In general, there are ways to
structure a program such that it gets around the need for gc, but 
that's not
the way it should be.

We shall collect all garbage!


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