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Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Mon Jul 17 06:01:59 EDT 2006

Spencer Salazar wrote:
> Hey Atte,
> I dont think its possible to store references to functions, or  
> function pointers (a four letter word these days :P )

Is function pointers considered bad? If so, why?

> but you can  
> achieve something very similar with objects and polymorphism.

Not as far as I can see (in my case).

The function I'd like to reference to is inside an instrument class. 
Each member function is an instrument, so it's something like:

public class Instruments
     fun static void sine(float note, float dynamic, dur length){
         1 => float volume;
         sinosc osc => ADSR env => dac;
         dynamic => osc.gain;
         std.mtof(note) => osc.freq;
         1 => env.keyOn;
         length => now;
         1 => env.keyOff;
         .1::second => now;

Then I have a sequencer class that essentially steps through an array of 
notes and spork ~ Instruments.sine() for every entry in the array. For 
the sequencer to be able to use any of my instruments defined in 
Instruments class I need to do:

public class Seq{
      function instrument;

      spork ~ instrument();

      setFun(function new_instrument){
           new_instrument => instrument;

Seq s;

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