[chuck-users] [chuck] chuck- released (also miniAudicle)

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 04:16:50 EDT 2006

Ge Wang wrote:

> chuck- (dracula), a minor release, is now available:

Unfortunately this release doesn't work with my in-progress system 
written in chuck.

I have the following (heavily snipped):

public class timeEvent extends Event{

public class Time
     static timeEvent quarter;

     fun static void send(){
             "length of quarter note" => now;

This mean that I can have the following (not snipped, this is a complete 
.ck file, extremely compact and elegant) for four-on-the-floor:

while (true){
     Time.quarter => now;
     spork ~ Instruments.analog_bd();

Now, running the new release I get:

[time.ck]:line(34): cannot declare static non-primitive objects (yet)...
[time.ck]:line(34): ...(hint: declare as ref (@) & initialize outside 
for now)

Where line 34 is exactly:

     static timeEvent quarter;

Could/should I really change my code to work with this release, 
following the above suggestion? In any case, I'd rather not clutter up 
things, I think (at this point) the old way of doing things was fine. 
Besides I have 9878 lines of chuck code in my system, so not to confuse 

peace, love & harmony

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