[chuck-users] list of keywords for syntax coloring

Your Name listas at jesusgollonet.com
Fri Jul 21 08:13:00 EDT 2006

Hi, chuckers.

I've recently began chucking again. By now I use http://www.jedit.org as
my all-purpose editor, and I've seen it as a good fit for chuck
(configurable syntax highlighting, abbreviations which make typing
faster, command-line integration...). 

I'm working on an edit mode for it to enable syntax coloring and, as I
've seen that now the miniAudicle features it, I'd like to be as
consistent as I could with the way it treats keywords, ugens, constants
and everything, ... 

So I was wondering if there is a list of keywords or something which i
could take advantage of (at the moment i'm just copying from the
reference and adding format up to me). I haven't found anything in the

Thanks a lot.

jesús gollonet

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