[chuck-users] list of keywords for syntax coloring

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Fri Jul 21 08:38:39 EDT 2006

here it is:

int float time dur void same
if else while until for break continue return switch
class extends public static pure this super interface implements 
protected private
function fun spork const new
  now true false maybe null NULL me pi
samp ms second minute hour day week
  dac adc blackhole
dac  adc  blackhole  gain  noise  impulse  step  halfrect  fullrect 
zerox  delayp  sndbuf
phasor  sinosc  pulseosc  sqrosc  triosc  sawosc  netout  netin mix2  pan2
StkInstrument  BandedWG  BlowBotl  BlowHole  Bowed  Brass  Clarinet 
Flute  Mandolin  ModalBar
Moog  Saxofony  Shakers  Sitar  StifKarp  VoicForm  FM  BeeThree 
FMVoices  HevyMetl  PercFlut
Rhodey  TubeBell  Wurley  Delay  DelayA  DelayL  Echo  Envelope  ADSR 
BiQuad  Filter  OnePole
TwoPole  OneZero  TwoZero  PoleZero  JCRev  NRev  PRCRev  Chorus 
Modulate  PitShift  SubNoise
WvIn  WaveLoop  WvOut



Your Name wrote:
> Hi, chuckers.
> I've recently began chucking again. By now I use http://www.jedit.org as
> my all-purpose editor, and I've seen it as a good fit for chuck
> (configurable syntax highlighting, abbreviations which make typing
> faster, command-line integration...). 
> I'm working on an edit mode for it to enable syntax coloring and, as I
> 've seen that now the miniAudicle features it, I'd like to be as
> consistent as I could with the way it treats keywords, ugens, constants
> and everything, ... 
> So I was wondering if there is a list of keywords or something which i
> could take advantage of (at the moment i'm just copying from the
> reference and adding format up to me). I haven't found anything in the
> wiki...
> Thanks a lot.


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