[chuck-users] hid keyboard

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at princeton.edu
Fri Jul 21 13:55:54 EDT 2006

On Jul 21, 2006, at 12:02 PM, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> Spencer Salazar wrote:
>> To get HID going in chuck on Linux, you need to set the appropriate
>> permissions on the device files in /dev/input
> Why? Any device (my mouse or my keyboard) work in other programs, so
> they must be available with sufficient permissions. Or is possible for
> such programs because it go through X, or...?

Precisely.  To support fun stuff like independently accessing  
multiple mice and multiple keyboards, we need to read from the  
devices directly, rather than go through X like everything else.   
Also, if chuck used X, it would depend on X being installed, which  
isnt always the case.


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