[chuck-users] [chuck] miniAudicle- release (mac + linux + win)

Tyler Gillies tyler at gilliesfamily.org
Thu Jul 27 13:27:28 EDT 2006

I was able to build miniAudicle on Debian and have been playing with
it for the last few hours. It's working great! Cool IDE!

Under Debian, it was necessary to build wxWidgets from source. 

> I tried to build it (debian/linux), I followed everything except "2. 
> Build the Styled Text Control (STC) wxWidgets contrib library." Since I 
> couldn't find the directory build-gtk).

build-gtk is a directory that you create. I followed these
instructions (from wxWidgets README-GTK.txt) :

    mkdir build_gtk
    cd build_gtk
    ../configure --with-gtk=2
    su <type root password>
    make install

Now there's a contrib/src/stc/ directory!

Hope this helps.

- Tyler Gillies

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