[chuck-users] [chuck] miniAudicle- release (mac + linux + win)

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Thu Jul 27 13:31:36 EDT 2006

Yes... for now, Linux miniAudicle will crash on hanoi.ck, or any  
other programs that try to print ~1000 lines of text in 1/44100  

However, otf_01.ck and otf_02.ck might be silent because they cant  
find the drum samples that they use, depending on your current  
working directory (typically this error would print to the Console  
Monitor, but it looks like thats being swamped with other errors).   
Do otf_05.ck and/or otf_06.ck work?  Those two dont depend on  
external soundfiles.

Thanks everyone for their feedback so far, and thanks to Cédric for  
the patch!  This should put us well on our way to a more  
cosmopolitan, Unicode aware miniAudicle.

miniAudicle team

On Jul 27, 2006, at 10:59 AM, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> Atte André Jensen wrote:
>> I'm able to start VM, add shreds, time seems to be running  
>> alright, but
>> lots of error messages + no sound.
> This was with otf_01.ck and otf_02.ck. hanoi.ck does segfault (when
> adding) here...
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