[chuck-users] [chuck] miniAudicle- release (mac + linux + win)

Vassili Slessarenko urbanmuzak at urbanplexus.net
Fri Jul 28 14:21:48 EDT 2006

and while we are on topic of the version numbers I'm using:

gcc 4.0.3
bison 2.1
flex 2.5.31
wxWidgets 2.6.1
sndfile 1.0.12
patch 2.5.9

think that's a pretty extensive list...

Vassili Slessarenko wrote:
> Here are all the *.rej files actually attahced.
> Cedric Krier wrote:
>> Can you sent wxw/mAConsoleMonitor.cpp.rej in attachement instead of a
>> copy/paste?

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