[chuck-users] [chuck] miniAudicle- release (mac + linux + win)

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 28 19:57:20 EDT 2006

Cedric Krier wrote:
> Here is a new patch for the unicode issue.

Thanks. With this patch I had sound for the first time, namely zerox.ck
(but maybe that also worked before, didn't try with the first patch).
However this it the only one of the examples (didn't try them all) that
reproduces any sound.

Two other things (have also added them to the wiki):

1) CTRL-x doesn't do anything here. Maybe this key binding is standard
on mac, but on Linux CTRL-o is the most common key binding for "open file".

2) It seems it's not possible to call miniAudicle with any command line
options. I guess it should possible to use the same options as with
regular chuck, or...?

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