[chuck-users] amd64 compat

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Jul 29 13:30:01 EDT 2006


>> + am i right in thinking that chuck doesn't function (yet) in a 64bit
>> environment? it compiles, but segfaults.

This is correct, chuck is not yet supported in true 64-bit (on 64-bit 
chuck can run in 32-bit mode if available but that's it).

There are some provisions in the code for 64-bit compatibility, but I am
quite certain they aren't enough.  We very much hope to support 64-bit
platforms as well, and have it on the TODO list.

> a few odd looking things - 0x0, and some of those <self>s should 
> probably be pointer size - (not a scientist)..

Thanks for the stack trace.  You are right on, the main problems have 
to do
with pointer/'int size assumptions (in the emitter and vm 
instructions).  Most of
them might be straightforward to fix - but requires a good deal of 

At any rate, we definitely hope to resolve the 64-bit issue.

> i suppose its just some kind of bug :)

I think chuck _is_ the bug!


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