[chuck-users] chuck MIDI handling

Bradford Garton garton at columbia.edu
Sat Jul 29 14:18:55 EDT 2006

Bruce --

Might be worth trying my [chuck~] object if you're a max/msp user at all. 
I'm not a big max/msp person myself, but it does do a lot of 
interfacey-gunk that gets annoying otherwise (MIDI, for example).

As far as MIDI generation, I added a couple of basic ugens to the ChucK 
source that allow it to send out values, lists of values and generate max 
'bangs' from within a script.

It seems fairly stable, I just finished a short piece using it:



On Sun, 30 Jul 2006, Bruce Murphy wrote:

> Just a question, before I run off and duplicate anything. I use a lot
> of outboard MIDI stuff and am very interested in using chuck for glue
> and MIDI generation. As far as I can see, MIDI handling in chuck is
> fairly clumsy, particularly for MIDI generation.
> Is anyone currently working on developing a more friendly interface
> for this or is it worth taking some time over. Also, is the general
> push for this sort of thing to be put in core ChucK or to sit off
> to one side?
> B>
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