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musicdev musicdev at gmail.com
Sun Jul 30 13:49:20 EDT 2006

have kept myself quiet just enjoying the current version of the tool. I'm
not just in love with ChucK but even more in love with MA as well. Talk
about cool and slick as hell!..

Some suggestions, would be the ability to create "projects". Usually I
create a few files on their own then "shred-em" all to what I want later. So
a way to Pre-set a project would be cool, especially when re-visiting the
files for changes, etc.

Another suggestion is obvious (as some have already asked) "Syntax
Highlighting. You know you are in love with a specific tool when you don't
mind going online or reading through the PDF to get details on the object
you're using, but, it would be pretty freaking cool if it could just tell
you what you're looking for.

Other ideas that are usually common among IDEs are things like "Class
Heirachies", "Task List (within a project)", "Code Snippets" and possibly
even some "bookmarking". These are some things that I am used to with VC++
and also with some PHP editors I use.

Just suggestions. :)



On 7/30/06, Spencer Salazar <ssalazar at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> sounds great--feature requests are very welcome.  The ultimate goal
> is for miniAudicle to be what youd expect of a reasonably full-
> featured and stable IDE and performance environment, for ChucK,
> without becoming too huge/bloated (theres a long way to go...).
> short of a lisp interpreter or email reader, i think most anything is
> fair game.
> With regard to those particular requests, I think autoindent would
> actually be pretty straightforward to implement in the current
> framework; syntax highlighting hex literals wouldnt be terribly
> difficult either I dont think.
> thanks
> spencer
> On Jul 30, 2006, at 12:33 PM, Bruce Murphy wrote:
> > Realistically, how much functionality would we expect to see in the
> > midi
> > audicle editor? A few things I'd like ot see included.
> >
> > 1. Autoindent, at least to the point of indenting the same as the line
> > preceding
> > 2. Syntax highlighting understanding hex literals.
> >
> > Haven't touched the source, so I don't know if this is an area of
> > active concern or how difficult ti woudl be.
> >
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