[chuck-users] AI drum machine

Mark Birchall mark.birchall at gmail.com
Thu Jun 8 08:54:33 EDT 2006

Wow - that looks REALLY interesting!

I managed to get it up and running on my (Windows) PC - but I had to change
the chuck file (not the midi one) so that the default samples were loaded.
It was looking in the 'data' folder rather than 'samples' - also the closed
hat and open hat are ch.wav and oh.wav.

Would it be possible to add note length at some point? Although this is
probably moving away from the drum machine approach.

Can't wait to try it out with more channels and my own samples.

Thanks a tonne!


On 6/8/06, Ollie Glass <ollieglaskovik at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've released an artificially intelligent drum machine using ChucK at
> www.blackholeprojector.com
> Hope you enjoy it. The two scripts for the step sequencer could be
> useful to people doing related things.
> Thanks to everyone who made ChucK, answered my questions on this list
> and made my app possible!
> Ollie
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