[chuck-users] AI drum machine

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jun 9 10:27:42 EDT 2006

On 6/9/06, Ollie Glass

> At the moment the samples play for their 'natural' length. I can see how
> note length could be done if the sequence sent MIDI out events but not with
> samples. How would you do this?

Hmmmm, perhaps I'm missing something but wouldn't a simple ADSR do?
That might give interesting options. Normally step sequencers and
variable note-length don't like eachother, at least not for the
interface but here perhaps the neural net could take care of note
length? With hits it's relatively sure about getting longer?

Very nice work, I'll have a detailed look as soon as possible but at a
glance it looked great.


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