[chuck-users] Atl laptop battle wrapup

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Thu Jun 15 15:30:33 EDT 2006


Would have posted earlier, but our server was temporarily down.

Wielding my trusty BeeThree => NRev => pan2 => dac and i++, along with a
dash of sc.maj and tg.beat => now, I served up two worthy tracks (one
cheesy pop and the other one more squeaky and tg.beat/10 * dur[i%7] =>
now), garnished with crowd response and "{kick,hat,cougar}.wav" =>
sndbuf.read. In the third round, I fell valiantly to an unmarinated and
unmultiplied math.sin trapped in a $ int.

Each match gave contestants 2 minutes a piece, which was rough. Most of my
improvisation was simply flipping parameters and audicle-shredding off
variants of a cheesy pop setting (from my tutorial), with nary breathing
time for clever algorithmics---there is much to cultivate. Still, the
audience dug the "liveness" of chuck. At one point they turned the video
monitor on my code screen, which elicited cheers. Shortly thereafter I
shut off the percussion to let the melodies breath, and someone shouted
"where's the beat?". I reshredded kick hit kick hat etc..., and got an
instant applause. Outside the venue, the winner of Battle II jokingly
flipped me off for having programmed onstage.

The organizer mentioned in conversation that most entries were probably
using Abelton Live, which seemed to let the performers improvise within a
well-planned arrangement of samples and vamps.

The field was pretty diverse. Several contestants had really bassy beats,
several had pop and pop culture mashups (Ducktales, How to Win at Video
Games), one had a video presentation (Rick Flair, Richard Nixon), one guy
was playing bare melodies right on his keyboard (controllers were banned),
and the winner had a very sample heavy jazzy set.

Anyway, I made it in the top four, and so will go on to compete in the
finals! (this should be sometime in August) I'm still working on my
approach for this, as there are still some aesthetic problems to work out.

wrap-up from organizers:



On Sun, 11 Jun 2006, Graham Coleman wrote:

> ChucKers (who may or may not be in Atlanta),
> I'll be competing in Battle Three of the Series.
> I'll be spinning some live ChucK.
> It might be silly. But that isn't going to stop me.
> more information:
> http://www.zeroplate.com/laptop/
> best,
> Graham
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