[chuck-users] instruments extending StkInstrument

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 14:23:35 EDT 2006


I'm still quite new to chuck, but after going through the "Notes on 
Chuck for music" tutorial it struck me that a nice way to (over time) 
build a library of instruments that work in an interchangeable way would 
be to extend the StkInstrument. Instruments build this way should work 
like the StifKarp instrument used in the tutorial. I realize that this 
in some/most cases comes of fine grain control of the sound, but 
thinking about it that's the way I prefer thinking about instruments; 
encapsulated sound generating units. For instance I have over time build 
a library of over 100 midi-controlled realtime csound instruments that I 
use all the time.

It this a recommended way of making instruments? Any documentation or 
examples on how to do this? How much slower would a userspace 
implementaion be compared to the buildin instruments? Would it be 
possible that such user defined instruments could make it into the 
language itself, and how much is involved in converting a userspace 
instrument into a build-in instrument?

peace, love & harmony

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