[chuck-users] instruments extending StkInstrument

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jun 16 16:48:17 EDT 2006

> Atte André Jensen wrote:
> Still, would it be possible (and what would it take) in chuck to inherit
> from StkInstrument and get the bennefits of streamlined instruments?

I thought there was going to be a somewhat documented more or less
streamlined kit for including your own instruments in the ChucK
source. Can't remember where I read that. That would probably mean DSP
coding in C, I think. This was somewhere on the ToDo list but loads
and loads of things are on that list (actually I think there are
several lists). I think I read that poking around the Wiki.

So; that would mean "probably" and "somewhere in the future", I think?

I have a homebrew filter on the shelf that's realy inneficient in
straight ChucK that I'd like to port myself but something tells me
this isn't going so simple and cheerfull as ChucK itself...

Hope that answers some of your question untill the chief mad scientist
himself returns from France.


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