[chuck-users] instruments extending StkInstrument

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at princeton.edu
Fri Jun 16 19:11:26 EDT 2006

With regards to building your own unit generators, if you already  
have a C or C++ implementation of your instrument/filter/etc., its  
not too difficult to integrate that at compile-time into ChucK--there  
is a fairly straighforward mechanism for defining new ChucK classes  
and ugens, including fancy things like inheritance.  Id say the only  
thing stopping users from implementing new compiled-in ugens right  
now is the lack of documentation.

There is also a run-time plugin mechanism that exists in the source,  
but Im not positive that it is completely hooked-in and functional at  
the moment.  Actually, getting that worked out is one of the things  
thats on the ChucK summer fun in the sun list.


On Jun 16, 2006, at 4:48 PM, Kassen wrote:

>> Atte André Jensen wrote:
>> Still, would it be possible (and what would it take) in chuck to  
>> inherit
>> from StkInstrument and get the bennefits of streamlined instruments?
> I thought there was going to be a somewhat documented more or less
> streamlined kit for including your own instruments in the ChucK
> source. Can't remember where I read that. That would probably mean DSP
> coding in C, I think. This was somewhere on the ToDo list but loads
> and loads of things are on that list (actually I think there are
> several lists). I think I read that poking around the Wiki.
> So; that would mean "probably" and "somewhere in the future", I think?
> I have a homebrew filter on the shelf that's realy inneficient in
> straight ChucK that I'd like to port myself but something tells me
> this isn't going so simple and cheerfull as ChucK itself...
> Hope that answers some of your question untill the chief mad scientist
> himself returns from France.
> Kas.
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