[chuck-users] keeping stereo files as stereo

eduard aylon eduard.aylon at gmail.com
Mon Jun 19 09:53:04 EDT 2006

Hello there,

When loading a stereo audio file either via sndbuf or WvIn the audio  
is downmixed to mono automatically, is that right?
If not,
is there a way of accessing left/right channels from audio files?
is there a way of reading stereo files while keeping them stereo and  
writing them back as stereo files?

The following code will write a mono file in out.wav regardless the  
input file is stereo or mono:

WvIn audio_in => WvOut audio_out => blackhole;
audio_in.path( "stereo_file.wav");
10::second => now

My second question is on regards to being able to process audio  
faster than realtime just for audio processing tasks and when no  
"audible" output is needed. Is it possible or will it be possible in  
the future?
An example will probably be more explanatory.
Let's say that you want to remove DC-offset from an audio file, but  
you just want to process the audio file and there's no need to  
listening realtime audio. If such audio file is 3 min long, one must  
wait 3 min in order to finish processing. Chuck has a strong sense of  
time, but if there are no connections to dac could a "time_less unit  
of time" be created in order to speed up?

My apologies if these issues have been discussed earlier on the list.



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