[chuck-users] keeping stereo files as stereo

joerg piringer joerg at piringer.net
Mon Jun 19 11:37:59 EDT 2006

this should be in the FAQ or in a new Hints section in the wiki...


Kassen wrote:
>> I thought  --silent would be as "slow" as realtime cause one still
>> needs to advance time, eg. 1::samp=>now.
> Well, you do, but you are advancing time relative to musical events,
> not relative to -say- your alarm clock.
> I don't think it's all that different from a "normal" musical program.
> If I tell Live I need a fade-in at 3.30 then this doesn't make the
> "render to file" option take 3 and a half minute either.
> It's just a perspective, a rather nice and usefull one, but still just
> a perspective.
> The good thing is that this will probably speed stuff up but it may
> actualy be slower then realtime which is usefull because it means you
> could use ChucK to generate sounds that your computer wouldn't be fast
> enough to do in realtime.
> Happy rendering.
> Kas.
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